Welcome to Folklorico Mestizo

The name Mestizo was a term that was used during the Spanish colonization of the Americas after the conquest of the Aztec Empire, to identify those individuals who were born of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry.  The blending of these two societies, together with subsequent colonization of other European nations, gave rise to a new identity of people with their own distinct culture which has been evolving over the last 500 years to become what we now know as Mexico.  Mestizo~Escuela de Baile Folklórico was so named to represent the music and dances of this colorful period in history.

Mestizo~Escuela de Baile Folklórico first opened its doors in San Antonio on Jan. 2005 under the direction and ownership of Leyvia Corina Garcia.   She is a native of Aramberri, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and since her arrival in San Antonio in 1999, her main goal has been to keep the Mexican culture alive.   Her passion for Mexican Folklórico dance began as a young child while attending elementary school and has continued to this day.  She keeps close ties with prominent Folklórico Maestros from various regions of Mexico as well as with members of the Instituto de Investigacion y Diffusion de la Danza Mexicana and CONARTE, both organizations of which are dedicated to the conservation and promotion of Mexican cultural heritage.  She also travels regularly to Mexico to participate in competitions, festivals, and workshops offered by celebrated folklórico Maestros to ensure authenticity of the music, dances, and costumes which vary from state to state.

Mestizo~Escuela de Baile Folklórico is committed to the preservation and promotion of authentic traditional folk music and regional dances from Mexico.  Our repertoire includes dances from several states and from different periods in Mexican history.  It is our goal to give our audiences a heightened awareness of our great Mexican Heritage and to instill a sense of pride and appreciation of where we have come from as Mexican descendants.